Newspaper article “el Segre”

Posted on 25 March, 2018 by Lo Vilot

Cervecera artesanal AN ARTISANAL BEER FROM ALMACELLAS, INNOVATION AWARDS 2017 The introduction of a new business model based on adding value to the apples of second categories, the creation of a brewery and a demonstration garden in the nursery itself in the framework of a sustainable gardening, have been deserving of the award for the in Agro-alimentary technological Innnovation 2017 of the agriculture State Department. The award winning agro-industry, for the implantation of innovations in the processes of first transformation and/or preservation of products, has been Quionia Pujol Sabaté from Almacellas, for the creation of a brewery, from the production and collection of materials First such as barley, wheat or hops, in organic production, and yeast, going through the processes of Maltería and pelletization of hops, to the elaboration of artisanal quality beers, one of them without gluten.

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