Agricultural Technological  Innovation Award 2017 

Posted on 23 March, 2018 by Lo Vilot

PREMI INNOVACIÓ AGRICULTURAL TECHNOLOGICAL  INNOVATION AWARD 2017 LO VILOT FARM BREWERY. Located in Almacelles (Segrià) wins the prize for Agricultural technological innovation in the announcement of the year 2017 in the form in the agro-industry. The award is endowed with €6,000 for the implementation of innovations in the creation of a food-processing industry of beer (FULL CIRCLE BEER PROJECT) which encompass from the first transformation, harvesting and conservation of raw materials such as barley, wheat and hops of different varieties, in organic production, and the propagation of yeasts and lactic bacteria, through the processes of malteria and pel·letització of hops, to the production of several varieties of artisan beer quality, some of them without gluten and other aged in oak barrels.

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