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100% Brettanomyces fermentation for 4 months in a stainless steel tank. The nuances of tropical fruit that Brett gives in 1st fermentation stand out, accompanied by an aroma and a pleasant bitterness produced by dry hopping. Little funky.


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Verema 2018 is an infusion of beer and wine that unites the Lagravera winery and the Lo Vilot Brewing Farm in the Segrià region. In this Catalan Grape Ale of spontaneous fermentation only local and ecological ingredients that express the “Terroir” of our area are used. Reddish color and grape notes with a light acid […]

Interview on the back cover of “El periodico”

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Interview with Quiònia Pujol CO-OWNER OF FARMBREWERY LO VILOT, WINNER OF THE BBVA QUINTANES PRIZE “You have to believe in your project” Lo Vilot elaborates ‘farm beer’ The Vilot is defined as farm beer. How is it different from the rest? -We speak of a brewing farm because here all the necessary ingredients are produced […]

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