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Posted on 4 April, 2018 by Lo Vilot

Blog trip PT Craft Beer Blog Trip organitzat per Catalunya Experience with the presence of diferents Bloggers, youtubers and journalists of England, EUA i Canada, with Martin Simon (Youtuber from England). Video ,¬†Video2.   Also with the presence of James Besson (popular Blogger from England, who started Good Beer Hunting and recently won the Best Blogger Novell Award for the British Guide Of Beer Writers). Link. At the same time Martyn Cornell (Long-time journalist, writer and historian of beer, the most influential in UK and the highest authority in the history of the IPA and the Porter). Link. And Stephen Beaumont, Jak Brooks, Lew Bryson, Joshua Bernstein, Pete Brown, Chris John Heaney, Zsolt Stefkovic and Hugh Thomas.

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